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Facebook and Service

   Facebook is a wonderful thing, it has many use's. It is used to share love, sympathy, news, gripes, and complaints. However it is the worst service desk in the world, as it is slow to get things done, and the personal service you get is the absolute worst. It can cause service to become difficult. No one likes their work to be openly criticised and not all criticism is justified, especially when it is not the providers fault. The water district often gets thrown onto Facebook for dirty water issues. These issues are often times things that can be taken care of, if the water district is notified. This is the reason the district has a emergency phone, the number being 918 716-4141. Once these issues are thrown on Facebook everyone wants to give their 2 Cents worth. This 2 Cents often causes more grief than service. RWD #3 gives 110% at doing our best to suppy the district with excellent service and will continue regardless of Facebook, however Facebook gets very little service, where a call to the emergency phone will get you great service and hopefully with a smile and some catching up on the good news and happenings in the district.